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Experimental research details and the effect on production methodologies, as well as ongoing improvements to the web-site and business as a whole, as well as any sales promotions.

15 May 2024 Prices have changed to reflect current times, orders under 1kg have been reduced in price, amounts over 1kg have increased slightly in price due to the difficulty in sourcing quality nitroethane.

15 May 2024 All orders paid with crypto gain +5% P2NP.
¤ Promoting cryptocurrencies - orders paid with accepted cryptocurrencies will have +5% product added for no additional cost, this promotion has no end date.
¤ Crypto payment addresses have changed.

01 Jan 2024 - Nitroethane out of stock until a new reliable source is located.

Dec 2023 Crypto Promotion ended - BitCoin has exceeded £30,000 per BTC.

01 Oct 2023 - New Item/Ordering
¤ Have found a consistently reliable higher quality of nitroethane 99.7%, so I will be making small amounts of 500ml available in limited quantities, with the view to increasing capacity as demand dictates. Please note US orders are limited to 2.5L per year after which you will have to declare an end user license.
¤ Our etsy shop, EidolonUK, has had its listings updated:
ECS brand Phenyl-2-NitroPropene 14g, P2NP, CAS 705-60-2
ECS brand Phenyl-2-NitroPropene 25g, P2NP, CAS 705-60-2
oncentrated yellow pigment (inc. beta-methyl-betanitrostyrene) 50g - ECS brand Phenyl-2-NitroPropene, P2NP, CAS 705-60-2
ECS brand Phenyl-2-NitroPropene 100g, P2NP, CAS 705-60-2
Concentrated yellow pigment (inc. beta-methyl-betanitrostyrene) 100g - ECS brand Phenyl-2-NitroPropene, P2NP, CAS 705-60-2
¤ Our ebay shop, Eidolon-UK now only shows the listings: 2-nitropropenyl-benzene 25g
2-nitropropenyl-benzene 100g

20 May 2023 - Ordering
¤ Using the payment processor Square, integrated into Etsy's stock currently but aiming to have a single stock control for eBay, Etsy, and this website.
¤ As we have received a Square Reader (2nd generation), this allows payment via a website, over the telephone or in person either using a mobile with NFC, or credit/debit cards. It accepts payments via Chip and PIN cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
¤ Have also enabled Clearpay, which allows payment in 4 interest free amounts across 6 weeks.
¤ Currently this payment site can be found at until I integrate it into this site.

14 May 2023 - Ebay
Our ebay shop, Eidolon-UK, has had its listings removed even though they were not showing up on searches, a form of shadow banning. They have not removed the nitrostyrene listings, so i would suggest chemists order this organic chemical as i will respond the same for reductive amination techniques as can be deduced from the molecule image for the listings.

12 May 2023 - Etsy
Our etsy shop, EidolonUK, has had its listings updated.

11 May 2023 - Price/Offers
Prices reduced across the full range, the price had been increased to help cover costs of a new setup and location.

06 May 2023 - News
Finally the reactors have output enough yield to produce stock,they have been trickling small amounts onto the online markets, now we have full yield from reactor #1 and will process reactor #2 next week.
The reactors that were rush built after December 2022 will be replaced as the income from them is generated, and once I have time I will be finishing a WordPress version of this site with online payment options.

03 Mar 2023 - Lab
¤ Have built an arduino based sensor array for the reactor area, it measures temperature with a pt100 RTD, humidity with a DHT21, and there's a pH electrode which has been calibrated with voltage readings at pH 7.00 and pH 4.01. Readings can be seen in real time via an OLED screen 128x64, though the plan is to code the sketch to make use of a GPRS shield to text or email the readings for the day composed of each sensors reading at a 30 minute interval.
¤ Putting up large grow tent to act as a dry/desiccation sealed room, with the aim of decreasing synthesis time. Also adding 1g of P2NP crystals to each reactor each week from the second week onwards to aid crystal formation.

01 Mar 2023 - News
The speed of the new reactors is not as optimised as the prior reactors, so online market listings of up to 250g have been put back from 04 March to 12:00, 08 March 2023, and listings of over 250g have been rescheduled to May 2023.

21 Feb 2023
Third 30 mole reaction started in temporary batch reactor #3.

20 Feb 2023
Second 30 mole reaction started in temporary batch reactor #2.

12 Feb 2023 - News
¤ All equipment and raw materials have been moved and installed into the new business premises.
¤ An initial 5kg synthesis has been started for the customers who have had to wait since 9th December 2022. The synthesis is expected to have an initial crop to be ready by the end of February 2023. Customers should receive an email near the start of May 2023, and their orders along with an additional free +25% product will be shipped starting from that first week. This additional bonus product, compensation for the delay, is in addition to any other promotion active at that time (eg. crypto 15%).

01 Feb 2023 - News
Raw materials enroute to new premises, new laboratory equipment for post-synthesis workup has been ordered on credit and due to be delivered in time for the new batch synthesis. If all goes to schedule, will have a new batch of 12.75kg by the end of April.

18 Dec 2022 - Business
Eidolon-UK Chemical Services Ltd received its certificate of Incorporation, registered as a public limited company, shares issued to investors.
Company number 1458718.

10 Dec 2022 - Business
Moving business to a new commercial premises with workshop and office, this means there will be a halt to all business for 11 weeks while we relocate and start a new batch synthesis.

09 Dec 2022 - News
¤ Police on 9th December 2022, illegally seized the complete product inventory, raw materials, work in progress, and essential equipment (glassware and custom-designed desiccators) of our publicly limited company.
¤ All orders from the 6th December 2022 have had to be fully refunded. We apologise for this inconvenience and once we are up and running again any orders we refunded will be eligible for a free 25% increase in product.
¤ Please note we do not have, nor do we legally need an EPP to synthesize unsubstituted nitrostyrenes, though we hope to legally expand into substituted nitrostyrenes in the future.

03 Dec 2022 - Business
Added Recrystallised P2NP multi-listing to the new Etsy shop, listed as triple recrystallised and available in quantities of: 14g, 25g, 28g, 50g, 100g, 250g, and 500g.

29 Nov 2022 - Business
¤ Now accepting payment in the crypto token Jetset (JTS) - BSC Contract: 0x405be90996e7f995a08c2fbd8d8822ef5b03466c
¤ Bulk amounts between 5kg and 10kg now reduced from £0.42/g to £0.40/g, Recrystallised reduced from £0.50/g to £0.45/g.

28 Nov 2022 - Business
Updated the pricing structure from a dual rate pricing scale for twice recrystallised form to a pricing scale that matches the decreasing price per gram as quantity increases.

25 Nov 2022 - Production
Upgraded reaction area to an enclosed mylar tent of dimensions 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m, when placed on it's longest side there is space for 4 reactors with the industrial dehumidifier placed in the middle with 20cm clearance around it as required.

24 Nov 2022 - Postage service
Royal Mail strike action dates - 24th, 25th, and 30th November, followed by 1st, 9th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 23rd and 24th December 2022.
The strike action will directly impact upon all economy and standard services for international orders, for those dates and the days after as there will be a back log to clear.
Express/Expedited International orders via FedEx or UPS will likely see a negative impact on their service speed as their workload increases from businesses moving from Royal Mail.
All UK national orders up to 250g are sent via the Hermes/Evri Tracked Postable service, either 2 to 3 working days or 1 working day service (the two tiers often do not reflect their names, only in the sense that a one day package will normally be delivered slightly earlier than the other service, effect on this service will be less than Royal Mail service, but it is likely this service will be slower than usual because their increased workload may exceed resources available.

17 Nov 2022 - Production
Dehumidifier worked so well, have upgraded to a small industrial electric dehumidifier with refrigerant, coverage area 10-20 m2, dehumidifcation capacity 10L/day.
Water tank volume is 2.2L but it also comes with a water pipe connection so it can run in continuously drainage mode, with the pipe exiting diagonally down through a back wall vent into a drain-pipe.

08 Nov 2022 - Website
New BTC receive payment address supplied along with QR code, allowing you to scan the QR code via your mobile to allow easy and correct of the wallet destination address

07 Nov 2022 - News, Website
¤ Public problems resolved - back open for business.
¤ Ebay is now listing our recrystallised P2NP available in listings of 100g and up:
This P2NP has been through a total of 3 recrystallisations using isopropanol 99.95%, this creates a product that needs no additional processing/purification allowing it to be used immediately for any reaction the chemist desires.

23 Oct 2022 - Website
Updated the larger eBay listings over 100g in size - more consistent listing description and pay scaling, a single postage policy used for all P2NP listings:
For ordering via our eBay shop Eidolon-UK, where we have a perfect 100% sales record with 317 sales, see our new format listings:

18 Oct 2022 - Website
Added QR images for easy entry of the Binance Smart Chain (BNB BEP20) and Monero (XMR) wallet payment addresses.

16 Oct 2022 - Business
New pricing scale for larger bulk orders of 10kg and up, at £3,500 with all additional kilograms costing only £350/kg.

Sep - Oct: Opened new shop on Etsy called EidolonUK

The best prices are still from buying direct from us, via this website.

10 Sep 2022 - Website
Updated the eBay listings - more consistent listing description and pay scaling, a single postage policy used for all P2NP listings:

04 Sep 2022 - Business
GS1 GTIN Certificate issued - GTIN-12(U.P.C.): 196852609581
Licensed to: Eidolon Chemical Services
P2NP 100g SKU: ECSP2NP100

30 Aug 2022 - Security, Business
¤ Eidolon Chemical Services PGP 4096-bit key created and uploaded to public key server (hkps://
¤ For repeat customers: We are now accepting cryptocurrency payments via BTC (BitCoin), BNB (Binance BEP20), and XMR (Monero). All cryptocurrency orders will receive a 15% discount either in cost or 15% additional P2NP for free, the choice is yours

16 Aug 2022 - Research
Expt PP: Day 32
Added 0.5g of P2NP crystals - immediately most of container crystallised.
Filtered crystals, returned filtrate to desiccator.
Rinsed crystals with 40ml ice cold IPA 99.95%, placed filtrate in fridge.
Rinsed crystals with 2 x 400ml of distilled water, to remove catalyst, allowed to dry by vacuum on buchner funnel.
Once all crops of crystals had been collected and dried, final weight was 380.5g minus 0.5g used for crystallisation.
P2NP = 2.55 mol rxn x 163.2 g/mol = 416.2 g
Final yield 380/416.2 = 91.3%
Expt success.

18 Jul 2022- Research
Expt PP: Day 2
Initial vacuum was gradual lost over last couple of days, so applied vacuum grease to the silicone sealing ring and applied 3 strong clamps at 120 degree angles.
Also replaces silica gel beads with newly arrived molecular sieves 3A.

16 Jul 2022 - Research
Expt PP: Synthesis reactor material - PP: 2.55 mole test reaction to determine how synthesis affected by a reaction vessel composed of Polypropylene.
Reactor: 2L PP beaker
Nitroethane 182 ml x 1.0545 g/ml = 191.83 g / 75.1 g/mol = 2.55 mole
Benzaldehyde (excess) 1.1 x 2.55 mole = 2.81 mol x 106.1 g/mol = 298.14 g / 1.044 g/ml = 285.58 ml
n-butylamine 2.55 mol x 5% = 0.1275 mol x 73.1 g/mol = 9.32g / 0.74 g/ml = 12.6 ml
Initial volume = 480.2 ml
Expected 2.55 mol x 18g/mol = 45.9 ml of water to be released (assuming 1g/ml)
Desiccator: Kartell Volume 9.2L OD 250mm
Desiccant: silica beads non-indicating 2mm
Vaccum: 505 torr (guage: 10 inHg)

16 Jun 2022 - Business
¤ HMRC issued our Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number: GB088524773000

¤ New contacts added:

After sales support:

General enquiries and orders:

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